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-All hosts will receive an invitation to join Mixed Talk Media as press to open events. 

-Invitations will be open until filled.

-Hosts will be invited as press to cover the event through pictures, videos, and/or interviews. 

-Hosts will be able to represent their personal show brand as a partner of Mixed Talk Media.

-All other inclusions, such as a personal vendor table and backdrops, will be emailed if permitted. Any additional costs will be at the host's responsibility.

-Mixed Talk Media's Digital magazine will spotlight up to 4 Radio Hosts guests per month. 

-Host is responsible for sending the link to guests. (See Portal for Links to Interviews by Category)

-Interviews contain additional MTM opportunities such as advertising, radio interviews, etc. (See Interview Forms)

Catalyst 4 Change Radio Awards

-Each year we present Catalyst 4 Change Radio awards to active Mixed Talk Radio hosts at our annual WEC Leadership Summit. The categories and prizes will vary each year. See Complete Details Here

-Hosts are eligible to apply each year active. 
-Hosts will receive free award entry. Hosts are responsible for summit admission.

-Hosts will not be eligible for grants if a grant was awarded the previous year. (Effective 2023.)

Test Page

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Snack packs and Swag Boxes are a great way to make each guest or team member feel like a VIP. Show you care by adding a LUX Snack Pack or Swag Box to your reservation. We will then send you the link to add custom branding to your order.


-Individual Gift Bags

-Blank Thank You Card

-Assorted Snacks

-Bottled Water


-Individual Gift Box

-Blank Thank You Card

-Inspirational Cards (5)

-Mini Notebook & Pen


-Individual Gift Box

-Blank Thank You Card

-1 Unisex Large Tee

-1 Drawstring Backpack


-Individual Gift Box

-Blank Thank You Card

-1 Coffee Mug

-Scented Tea Lights

Content Coming Soon

We are searching for 2 men and 2 women who want to help us spread hope by sharing their story of overcoming and victory. This is not an acting opportunity.

The Emerge Forward Production will be the highlight for promotion the Emerge Forward Summit scheduled for September 25th.

The Emerge Forward Summit is purposed empower guests to move forward and to honor the WEC Catalyst 4 Change Awards recipients, MTM Radio Award recipients, and WEC Scholarship recipients. 

How it Works

This is a paid opportunity. Participants are named Sponsors of the Emerge Forward Summit and provided the incentives of the Sponsorship level selected.

Submit an online application

We will email all selected participants

Participants confirm acceptance by joining as a Sponsor

Participants will share their story in an interview format

Stories will be video taped and edited

Mixed Talk Media will compile all interviews as the "Emerge Forward Media Production"

Production will be published and promoted online (not limited to social media, YouTube, WEC/MTM and affiliated websites) leading up to the Emerge Forward Summit.

All participants must agree to the MTM/WEC Submissions Terms & Conditions listed below.

Participation Incentives

$150 Sponsorship

Participation in Media Production

Media Advertising:

-Company Name displayed in the Emerge Forward Media Credits

1 VIP Admission Ticket to Emerge Forward Summit (All Day Summit Pass)

$200 Sponsorship

All of the Above Incentives

Media Advertising:

-Company Name and website displayed in the Emerge Forward Media Credits

Company Banner Display at Summit (sponsor provided)

$300 Sponsorship

All of the Above Incentives

3 Minute Speaking Spotlight at Summit

$500 Sponsorship

1 Full Page Ad in each Summit Pamphlet

1 Full Page Ad in Mixed Talk Magazine

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